World War Two


BBC Schools World War 2 - fantastic site with timelines, speeches, animated maps and battles and much more.

Children of WW2 - BBC site designed for KS2 aimed at explaining life on the Home Front.

Discovery Channel World War 2 - nice site which covers key areas. Not specifically aimed at children. - some nice timelines here.

Spartacus Schoolnet - comprehensive site aimed at KS2 children.

The Second World War Experience Centre - online archives including photos, posters, and personal experiences of the war.

The Home Front - excellent site from the National Archives Learning Curve

Home Sweet Home Front - nicely laid out site with lots of pictures and some sound effects.

Prisoner of War - site with real stories of soldiers held prisoner in WW2.

Bletchley Park - in depth site on code and code-breakers.

The History Place - WW2 timeline

Virtualology - Hall of WW2. Lots of information here, few photos though.

Westall's War - excellent site which focus on the events of 3rd May 1941 when an air raid shelter in North Shields was hit by German bombs.



Interactive maps of WW2 - choose from Europe or the Pacific.

Interactive DDay- play the DDay game and see how well you perform.

Pacific Naval Battles of WW2 - interactive map with all the major Pacific battles.

Private Art - a lovely website with a collection of beautifully presented letters home from an American soldier.

Who's Who in WW2 - interactive matching quiz.

Voices of WW2 - US site with radio broadcasts, pictures and lots more.


Virtual Tour

The 1940s House - take a virtual tour of the 1940s house as seen on Channel 4 (wait for the links to become active before you click on the front door).

Museum of World War 2 - website of a US museum with virtual tours of their exhibits by theme.

Virtual Tour of Auschwitz - modern day photographs of Auschwitz taken by a visitor to the site.

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - take a tour of the hangars.

Cabinet War Rooms - virtual tour of the underground government HQ.


Sound / Video Clips

V2 Rocket Site - lots of sound clips and video clips too of the V weapons.

SignalAlpha - sound clips, including the declaration of war speech, Churchill speeches and lots of other sound clips and videos. Recommended.

Imperial War Museum - online collection of sound clips, video and photographs. Search facility.


World War 2 Clipart


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