Toys in the Past - History Unit 1

Toys Old & New - an activity designed for the Warriner Partnership. Click Run to launch.

How Toys Have Changed - an excellent online less with teacher notes.

Toys - an online lesson about Teddy bears. Choose online activity from the drop-down menu. Includes worksheets.

History of Toys & Games - general site with a toy timeline.

Looking At Toys - historical toys split into different time periods, plus photos.

Toys - lovely Flash-based activity which compares toys old and new.

The Toymaker - fantastic site which has printable PDF instructions for making a wide range of old-fashioned paper toys, such as Thaumatropes.

Toys in the Past - a complete online lesson from Digital Brain.

Fifteen Decades of Toys - nice page with an historical timeline to go with the pictures of toys.

Virtual Victorians - excellent site on Victorian toys, some of which are interactive.

Victorian Toyshop - online sorting activity from Channel 4 - drag the Victorian toys to the Victorian toyshop.

Thaumatrope - two thaumatrope animations (click next for the second).

Phenakistiscope - fifteen animations of 'spindle viewers' or 'phantascopes', click on each one for a close up view.

Zoetrope - five animations of zoetropes.

Kaleidoscope - Java animation of a Victorian kaleidoscope.

Children at Play - interactive site from the BBC, click on the 'Play' picture to begin.

Toy Panorama - an interactive Victorian Toy - wind the left handle to make it move.

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