Solids, liquids and how they can be separated - Science Unit 4D

Solids & Liquids - interactive science clip from the BBC.

Filtering & Sieving - online lesson from Digital Brain.

Solids, Liquids & How They can be Separated - interactive site from Channl 4 with worksheets and quiz.

Unit 4D - a cloze activity plus a crossword designed to support this unit.

Solids & Liquids Top Facts - interactive informational site form the BBC.

Grow Crystals - a BBC site which shows you how to grow your own crystals.

Hotter or Colder - game which explains what happens to liquids when they change temperature.

Science Resources - a page of resources prvided by teachers, most of which can be used for this unit. Mainly PDFs.

Solids, Liquids, Gases - a series of animations explaining each state of matter and transitions in between.

What's The Difference - online activity where children must drag the statement to the appropriate state.

Outrageous Ooze - is it solid or liquid? Make your own ooze and experiment.

Heating & Cooling - online activity which examines what happens to liquids and solids when they heat up or cool down.

Reversible/Irreversible Changes - online activity about which changes can be reversed.

Separating Mixtures - onine laboratory. Choose a tool then drag it over the mixture with your mouse to see if you can separate it.

Separation Techniques - animations which cover filtration, evaporation and more. Aimed at older children but not too complex for primary school age.

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