Simulations - ICT Unit 3D

The BBC Science Clips website has a series of Science Simulations - Choose from the drop-down list headed 'Science Activities'. These include Growing Plants.

The Channel 4 website has an excellent simulation called Super City Planner. Build your own city complete with roads and buildings and watch it grow.

Lesson Plan - from the London Grid for Learning. Covers the whole unit.

Maths Online offer two simulations - Grow Alien Plants and Bath Time with Archimedes

Channel 4 have a Robot Constructor game which allows you to build your own robot then test it in one of their hazardous zones.

World Builder allows you to design and build your own world then see how successful it is (hint: scroll down to launch the simulation).

Colin's Coffee - allows you to try and find the right combination to make Colin's favourite cuppa.

Here's a population growth simulation based on rabbits and foxes.

The BBC's Virtual Garden allows you to build and care for your own garden.

Design your own roller coaster

Download the free Duck Builder game and design a duck then watch it try to fly!

Plant Force - You are working for a plant development company - they have produced a new variety of super-crop, but they now need you to find out the optimum conditions for its growth - can it be grown commercially and generate a good profit?

Ranger Danger Dan - A parachute slows up the speed of a parachutist as he falls. The air resistance of the parachute is called drag and counteracts the downward pull of gravity on the parachutist.

Global Warming Simulation from the Science Museum. Click on 'Play the Game: Battle for the Planet' to start.

Food Chain Simulation

Space Walk from the Discovery Channel - attach cables to the space shuttle.

City Creator - an online city building simulation.

Dumptown - a simulation about recycling from the Environment Agency.

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