Routes: controlling a floor turtle - ICT Unit 2D

Ideas for Roamers - a site with lots of activities from the manufacturers, Valiant Technology.

Roamer Activities - from the Kent NGfL.

If You Don't Have A Roamer....

Sail the Little Red Ship to the Lighthouse - online activity which teaches children how to control direction.

Thomas the Clown - a lovely logo-type game where children must direct the clown in a series of activities. Free download (demo version, registration required).

Logo Activities On Paper - a lesson plan for using paper and small world figures to learn about roamer commands (designed for Year 3 but could be adapted).

Bob The Builder Game - online game from the CBeebies website. Use the arrow keys to guide Bob around the maze, avoiding Spud.

Maze Game - online activity where children must move across a grid using co-ordinates, avoiding the mines.

Getting Started with Logo - without a computer. Some really excellent and simple ideas for learning basic control commands (no computer required.)

Ladybug Maze - online logo activity where children must use simple commands (forward, back, turn 90 degrees) to guide the ladybird through the maze.

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