The internet contains a huge amount of material on Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. We have selected sites which are interactive or which provide interesting educational content.

On-line Interactive Activities

Computer Romanus - click here for a calculator with Roman numerals

Dress A Roman - drag the clothes with your mouse to dress this Roman soldier.

Construct an aqueduct - drag each section of the aqueduct into place to make the water flow.

Change Roman numerals into English numbers - match the numeral with its English number.

Roman Money wordsearch - find the names of Roman coins inthis wordsearch.

Roman Emperor Quiz - you really need to know your emperors to get this right!

Roman Murder Whodunnit! - use all your logic skills to work out who the murderer is.

Roman Empire Quiz - an on-line quiz about the Romans. Select your answer than find out at the end how well you did.

Visit a Roman Street - a BBC site which allows you to choose the people and buildings which shouldn't be there.

Dress the Gladiator - BBC site where you drag the clothes to dress the gladiator.

Animation of a Roman Bathhouse - how did the Romans heat their baths?

Roman Catapult - explore the mechanism of the monster catapult and see it in action.

Catapult Game - can you knock out the enemy army with your catapult before they get you?

Roman Bath Game - can you figure out how to get into the Roma Bath?

SPQR Game - Wander around Ancient Rome as you search for the hidden scrolls.

When in Rome Quiz - see how much you know about Rome at the Discovery Channel

Roman Jigsaw - put this mosiac back together. Designed exclusively for the Warriner Partnership.


Virtual Tours

A day at the Baths - take a virtual tour around a real Roman bath.

Roman Villa Virtual Tour - take a tour of the Roman villa at Hechingen-Stein in Germany

Virtual Tour of Houseteads Roman Fort - a BBC site which lets you look around the fort.

Tour of the Colosseum & Forum - click on the camera icons on the map to see a photo of that location.

Tour the Colosseum - take a virtual tour or fly through the Colosseum of 1900 years ago (video clip) at the Discovery Channel site.

Virtual Tour of Pompeii - produced by the Cole family who lived in Italy in the 1980s.

Real Rome - see reconstructions of how Roman houses would have looked.

Tour a Roman Town - take a trip around a typical Roman town.



Real Roman Recipes - ancient Roman food you can cook.

Vindolanda Tablets Online - an exhibition of the Vindolanda tablets, fragments of letters written by the occupants of the fort of Vindolanda near Hadrian's Wall

Romans - BBC section on everything Roman.

Roman Timeline - simple timeline from the BBC.

Ancient Rome - fantastic site with loads of activities to try and ideas for further work.

Voices from the Past - Pompeii - read a first hand account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Voices from the Past - Rome Burns - read what Tacitus wrote about the great fire.



Roman Clipart


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