Rocks & Soils - Science KS2 Unit 3D

Rocks & Soils - interactive activity from the BBC Science Clips site.

Rocks & Soils - an online lesson with animations covering volcanos and more, from the London Grid for Learning.

Rocks & Soils - from 4Learning. Nice site with activities, a quiz and worksheets (select from the menu on the left).

The Essential Guide to Rocks - BBC website with lots of information.

Rocks For Kids - lovely site with information on rock formation, types of rock and their uses, plus lots more.

British Geological Survey - excellent site with huge amount of information on volcanos, the geology of Britain, earthquakes, geological timesline and lots more.

Rocks in Our Environment - a series of downloadable lesson plans from English Nature.

Rocks - online interactive Flash-based lesson with teacher notes from the excellent Cymru NGfL.

Minerals - a complete listing of minerals with photographs.

Rocks - two nice activities, one a rock database and the other about hardness (Castle of Doom). Click on the left hand menu to select.

Materials, Crystals & Their Properties - lovely site from Beulah Junior School with lots of information and pictures.

Rocks - worksheets and lesson ideas from a teacher at All Souls School, Westminster.

Soiled Again - Detective Le Plant needs your help to solve mysteries about soil.

Underground Adventure - visit the virtual soil exhibition from the Museum of Chicago. Includes virtual terrarium.

Soils - lovely site with lost of information on soil types and activities.

Volcano Jigsaw - put this picture of a volcano back together.

Volcano World - excellent site with a children's area (Kids' Door) plus a selection of movie clips (under Volcanos) and lots more.

Anatomy of a Volcano - nice Flash animation from CNN.

Mount St Helens VolcanoCam - live webcam of the volcano (remember the time difference!). Lots of archive footage of eruptions (smoke & ash, no lava).

Volcano Videos - a page full of video clips.

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