What are we remembering on Remembrance Day? Unit 17 KS2 History

My Great-Grandfather was in WW1 - read the diary of an English prisoner of war during WW1

Remembrance - website from the BBC which includes film clips.

World War One - complete website from the BBC

Royal British Legion Schools Pack 04/05 - downloadable pdf with pictures and lesson plans

Remembrance Sunday - page of photos with text taken at the Cenotaph in London.

Rembrance Day - beautiful site with the history of Remembrance Day plus poetry

Carls Cam - site which has photos and details of war memorials around England.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - the official CWGC site, which has the searchable Roll of Honour.

Remembrance Day in England - lovely page from Woodlands Primary School which explains the origins of the Poppy, and much more.

Lesson Plan - produced with downloadable Powerpoint presentation by the Oxfordshire ICT Team.

Debt of Honour - site from the BBC. An animation shows the names of the men and women who died on the very last day of WW1. Click on a name to find out more about them.

One Boy - Flash presentation from the CWGC which highlights the life of one 16-year-old soldier in WW1.

Churchill visits Paris on Armistice Day - video clip of the 1944 event.

A Field of Poppies - use this page of poppy images to inspire your artwork.

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