Questionnaires - ICT Unit 4D

Design your own questionnaire and email it to others or publish it to the web - all for free! Registration required.

Create A Graph - really excellent free online graph creator. Choose between pie chart, bar, line, area or XY and then add your data, change the colours and font size and style - then save or print! (Hint: use the tabs at the side to enter your data and edit the graph).

Online Bar Chart Generator

Using Excel Chart Wizard - Excel can be easily used to quickly create bar charts, pie charts, line charts and edit their size, shape and even colour. This easy to follow tutorial quickly shows you how.

NatureGrid provides an environmental activity which links designing a survey to presenting the results.

Microsoft Office survey and questionnaire templates - downloadable examples of just about every kind of survey you can think of.

NationMaster - a site with statistics about everything you could imagine. View the data either as a chart or as a map. Find out which country is the most generous, the longest-living or even who spends the most on education (Moldova). Ideal as an introduction to displaying data, and understanding what statistics actually mean.

Lesson Plan - from the London Grid for Learning. Covers the whole unit (some files require Information Workshop software).

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