Pushes & Pulls - KS1 Science Unit 1E

Pushes & Pulls - interactive activity from the BBC.

Forces & Motion -an online lesson plan from DigitalBrian.

Actions - animation which demonstrates basic types of movement.

Cyril's Cheese - help Cyril the mouse get his cheese home by deciding whether he should pull or push.

What Makes it Move? - online sorting activity where children decide what is causing the motion.

Pushes & Pulls - another online activity where children must sort the pushes from the pulls.

Forces in Toys - lovely animated site where children can explore the movements of a variety of toys.

Spits at Aston Hall - discover how spits were used to cook food long ago. Covers gears, pulleys and turbines.

Forces & Motion - Formula One racing site which covers basic pushes and pulls as they relate to cars.

Pushing & Pulling - excellent online activity and lesson plan from the Cymru NGfL.

Identifying Forces - another online lesson from Cymru NGfL. Click on 'interactive whiteboard activity' to begin.

Changing The Shapes of Materials - online lesson which looks at how pushes, pulls, twists and turns change the shape of materials.

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