Growing Plants - Science KS1 Unit 1B

Label the Parts of the Flower - activity exclusively designed for the Warriner Partnership. Click 'Run' to launch.

Green Plants - online lesson covering parts of the flower, light and water and more.

Find the Flower - pictures to print out and use in a school grounds flower hunt.

Parts of a Plant - interactive activity about the parts of a plant.

Eating Plants - click on the pictures to learn more about which food comes from plants.

What do Plants Need? - simple activity explaining what plants need to live.

Design A Garden - plant your own garden with this online activity (instructions need to be read carefully).

Grow A Plant - add light and water then click 'grow' to watch your plant grow (slowly).

Growing Plants - nice online activity designed for this unit from the BBC.

Growing Plants - complete online interactive lesson from the Cymru NGfL.

Label the Flower - Java applet allowing labels to be dragged to the correct part of the flower.

The Life Cycle of Plants - nice site with five areas to explore.

Growing Cress - watch cress seeds grow before your very eyes!

Sunflowers - watch short movies of sunflower seens growing in darkness and in light.

Flowers - watch time-lapse movies of a variety of flowers opening.

Roots - online interactive activity from the West Sussex GfL.

Make a Seed Grow - online interactive activity from the West Sussex GfL.

Label The Plant - online interactive activity from the West Sussex GfL.

Measuring Seedlings - sort the seedlings by height.

Watch it Grow! - online interactive activity - click on the left hand menu to begin.

Plant Hoops - online activity allowing children to compare plants found in two different areas.

Tree Animation - choose 1 to see how the seedling grows (click on each circle in turn), or 2 to try a sorting activity where you must put the circles in the right order (highlight two circles to swap them round).

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