Ourselves - KS1 Unit 1A

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'Ourselves' - interactive activity from the BBC.

Ourselves Activities - over 20 activities, including downloadable Word and PDF documents, and nine online activities (Label the body, face, eye, group tastes, sort living and non-living etc). Recommended.

Humans & Animals - five online activities from GlaxoSmithKline.

Science Worksheets - downloadable resources including parts of the body and humans and animals.

SchoolsInteractive Worksheets - downloadable activities covering animals, the face, your family etc.

Ourselves Clipart


Animals & Their Young

The Lost Cygnet - this 'big book' activity compares young and older animals

Animals & Their Young - downloadable worksheets and lesson plan

All About Bees - downloadable fact sheet about the life cycle of a bee.

Animals & Their Young - a simple matching activity with farmyard animals.

Find the Parent - beautiful activity where you match the young animals with their parents.

Humans & Animals Easiteach Resource - download for use with Easiteach.


Parts of the Body

Build A Skeleton - Choose English, then Skeleton, and Build a Skeleton! Harder than it looks.

Kingsbury School Online - from the games page choose either Skeleton Labels or Odd Face Out (there are 2 versions: a girl's face or a rather scary Darth Maul!)

Body Parts - Simple Flash activity where children name parts of the body.

I Wiggle! - simple activity where children must match the part of the body being wiggled!


The 5 Senses

Gets an Earful - match sounds with the things that made them, from the Magic Schoolbus.

The Senses - website with all kins of interesting information and activities.

The 5 Senses - match the picture with the appropriate sense. Designed exclusively for the Warriner Partnership, click 'Run' to launch.


Living & Non-living Things

Dead or Alive - sort living things from non-living.

Odd One Out - sort living and non-living things, and plants and animals.

Living & Non-Living - sort objects into living or non-living.



The Food Game - sort food into different food groups e.g. dairy products, bread and cereals.

Healthy Eating Activities - from Cool Meals.


My Family

Family Chart - PDF chart which allows you to fill in details about the family (from FamilyTree Magazine)

1901 Census Online - search for relatives, or just have fun searching for someone with the same name as you in 1901.

Interactive Family Tree - lovely chart with a tree background, complete it online then print it out. PDF format.

Bales Family Timeline - an interesting site which covers 40 years of Christmas photos of the same family. Watch the children grow up before your eyes!