Grouping & Changing Materials - KS1/2 Science Unit 2D


Grouping Materials- Flash-based activity from the BBC.

Materials Properties - online lesson plan which will take children through step by step activities.

Sorting Materials - game designed exclusively for Click 'Run' to launch.

Choose the Right Materials - match the pictures with the right material then learn more about it.

Metal or Cloth - drag the item to the correct box.

Smooth & Rough - choose the correct property for the material.

Spoons - interactive activity where children choose the right material for a spoon.

Change It! - drag the objects to make them hotter or colder and see what happens. Click on Change It! to begin.

Made from Wood - activity exploring different wooden objects. Click on Where is Wood? to begin.

Corus Virtual Lab - investigate bendiness, stretchiness and more in this fantastic online laboratory.

Quest - interactive exploration site from the Natural History Museum. Select an object then examine it to discover its properties.

Mr Zippy's Trainers - activity which allows children to select materials for a pair of trainers.

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