A Contrasting Locality Overseas - KS1 Geography Unit 22


Tocuaro - a site from WorldAware with details of the Horta family from Mexico.

A Kid's Life in Mexico - a page of facts about life in Mexico.

Location of Tocuaro - an interactive map of the Tocuaro region of Mexico

Mexico Links - a page of links useful for the study of Mexico

Clipart of Tocuaro - photos from Tocuaro, Mexico

Eye on Mexico - nice site with general info on Mexico

Two Cities - BBC site aimed at Unit 22 with info on Belfast and Mexico City

The Horta Family - Global Eye site with map of the family home.

Mexicolore - website aimed at children on Mexico.

Michoacan Region Map - detailed map of the Tocuaro region (Tocuaro is at the bottom of the largest lake).

St Lucia

St Lucia - lesson plans, maps and more from WorldAware.

St Lucia Map - interactive map of the island.

St Lucia Project - a wealth of resources from the Oxfordshire ICT team.

St Lucia Country Profile - from the BBC.

Street Maps - details maps of St Lucia.

St Lucia Buns - receipe and information.

Weather in St Lucia - see what the weather is like right now.

St Lucia Photo Gallery - taken over several visits to the island.

Virtual Tours 0f St Lucia - click on a location on the map.


Global Gang - link with children from around the world. Chritian Aid site.

On The Line - millenium project linking schools with countries along the equator. Oxfam site.

Tiki The Penguin - OneWorld website for children.

World Atlas - maps and information.

Epals - site which allows you to find a penpal in another country.

CIA World Factbook - need a fact about a country? This is the only site you'll need.

A Kid's Life - the everyday lif of children in a variety of countries.

Bangladesh Photo Library - beautiful photographs of Bangladesh.

Water Aid Case Studies - a brief look into the lives of children in Africa and Asia.

My Island Home - site about life on Monserrat, with beautiful illustrations.

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