A Local Issue - Geography KS2 Unit 20

The idea of this unit is to look at any local issue e.g. the building of a bypass, parking problems, the demolition of a building, the construction of a new supermarket - any issue which may bring controversy and which may have two or more different sides which can be explored and discussed. The issue should also give the children an opportunity to carry out field work, for example, a traffic survey, or perhaps an opinion poll.

Examples of current local issues:

Banbury Town Council - follow the link for 'A Blueprint For Banbury', a detailed survey undertaken by the Council in 2002. The site also list town council members and wards.

Cherwell District Crime Statistics - detailed statistics for a range of crimes for the Cherwell area, from the Home Office.

Cherwell Heights Housing Action Group - site of the group opposing new housing in Cherwell Heights.

Cherwell District Council - site includes a link to recent planning applications and the current Cherwell Local Plan, which includes housing.

A Cultural Strategy for Cherwell - action plan in PDF format which explains how various aspects of local cultural development will be implemented. Action plan starts at page 16.

M40 Accident Data - a table which covers accident frequency along the M40, including the Juntion 11 area.

Banbury Today (Banbury Guardian) - local news online.

Fine Lady Statue - BBC news article, and the decision of the Charities Commision.

Transport Statistics - a page of links for all kinds of road accident statistics.

B4100 Accident Blackspot - Banbury Guardian Article, Banbury Today article, more info.

The Northants Red Route Scheme - an explanation of how roads are classified as red routes.

Street Warden Scheme - explanation of the role of the street warden.

Local Traffic Survey Sheet - printable PDF worksheet allowing children to record traffic.

Multimap - online free maps for the whole country. Zoom in and out, and click on the aerial photo link for an aerial view of the area. Hint: if you move your mouse over the aerial photo, the map will reappear, allowing you to identify key features.

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