Improving The Environment - KS2 Geography Unit 8


Noise Levels In Schools - short article about excessive noise in schools.

Sound Check - reduce noise pollution with this sound checker from The National Society For Clean Air.

Noise Sources - where does noise pollution come from?


Rubbish Game - get the rubbish in the bins! Game from Global Action Plan

Your Environment - Global Action Plan site with lots of useful recycling facts and ideas.

Recycle Zone - lots of activities, games and facts about recycling.

Free Information Packs - send off for your free pack from Waste Watch.

Friends of the Earth - free downloads for schools.

Ollie Saves The World - games and activities about recycling and agriculture.

Recycling Game - from EcoSchools.

What A Waste - follow the route of a can to the landfill site. From NGFL Cymru. Includes printable worksheets.

Recycling Glass - play games and learn all about glass.

Are You Eco Friendly? - excellent Flash-based site from BBC Scotland.

Local Environment

Litter Blitz - tidy up the local park. Choose a player, click on the area of the park where you want them to go. Put all the rubbish in the correct recycling bin - avoiding obstacles!

Make a Complaint - contact Oxfordshire County Council to complain online about a local issue.

The Healthier School - click on problems inside and outside to improve this school.

Playing Safely - click on problems in this park to make it a safer play to play.

Playground Games - ideas for good games to play in the playground.

Ancient Tree Hunt - help find and record details of old trees in your local environment.

Nature Detectives - play games, download worksheets from this great site from the Woodland Trust.

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