Houses & Homes KS1 History Unit 2


Houses & Homes Through Time - activity designed exclusively for the Warriner Partnership. Click 'Run' to launch.

Houses & Homes Interactive - activity based on a Powerpoint presentation from the NGFL Cymru.

Step Back in Time - an interactive visit to a Victorian house from the BBC Dynamo site

Put The House Back Together - drag the pieces of the cottage back together.

What Were Homes Like Long Ago - interactive activity from the Lighthouse for Education.

Houses & Homes Lesson Plan - a PDF format lesson plan with useful images and ideas. Suitable for printing.

A Kitchen From Long Ago - lovely Flash-based activity from the website of Aston Hall, Birmingham

Looking at Victorian Artifacts - identify these Victorian objects from Aston Hall.

Things In An Old House - interactive look at artifacts from Aston Hall.

Homes For Rich People Through The Ages - activity looking at rich homes from 1000 years ago to today.

Kitchens Through The Ages - interactive look at kitchens from celtic times onwards. Click on starter activity part 1 to begin.

Castles of Hereforshire - nice site with information, resources and games based around local castles.

Castle Plan - PDF document of a ground plan of a castle.

Paper Models of Buildings - site with links to a wide variety of free paper buildings (e.g. castles) which you can print out and make.

Kids' Castle - beautiful interactive castle.

Interactive Castle - enter your name, name your castle and then explore it with this interactive site from National Geographic.

Medieval Castles - site dedicated to learning about castles with teacher notes.

Warwick Castle - interactive diagram allowing you to explore the castle.


Virtual Tours / Reconstructions

Viking Farmhouse Virtual Tour - from the BBC.

Elizabethan Room Reconstruction - from the BBC.

Georgian Room Reconstruction - from the BBC.

Victorian Room Reconstruction - from the BBC.

Edwardian Room Reconstruction - from the BBC.

Virtual Tour of Scottish Crannog/Skara Brae- take a tour of Iron Age homes on this BBC Media Museum site.

Dover Castle - 360 degree view of Henry II's keep.

Durham Castle - virtual tour.


Houses & Homes Clipart

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