Homes Around The World

Homes Around The World Game - match the homes to reveal the treasure.

Photo Gallery - wonderful photographs of homes around the world (click cancel if asked to install language pack).

Around the World - children's drawings of homes around the world.

A Home in Togo - meet Bassoguina and find out how she lives.

A Home in Ghana - meet Anusibuno and his family.

A Home in Mali - see how Dramane Oumar Samaké lives.

A Home in Spain - see how Paz lives in Valencia.

Unusual Homes in Northamptonshire - a photo gallery of unusual houses - from a windmill to a chapel.

10 Unusual Places To Live - a PDF document which has photos of unusual homes with a lesson plan which could be adapted for younger children.

Living in a Cave - explore a cave home in Guardix, Spain.

Narrow Boat Virtual Tour - choose from four boats then choose the location inside the boat.

Life on a Chicken Farm - read about Erin's life on her parents' farm.

Life on a Dairy Farm - Rachel tells us about her life on a farm.

Native American Housing - nice site with lost of pictures of tepees and wigwams.

Stilt Houses - learn about life in a stilt house from Mary in Papua New Guinea.

Inuit Houses - learn about igloos.

Inuit, Huron & Haida - more about igloos.

Beduin Tents - read about life in a Beduin tent.

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