Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece - lovely simple site which covers all aspects of Ancient Greece. A good introduction.

BBC Schools - fantastic site from the BBC with interactive games and basic text. Older children could work through this alone.

Ancient Greece - site from PBS. Brilliant virtual 'fly-through' of the Parthenon, well worth seeing. Requires Flash and Quicktime.

Odyssey Online - Greece - nice site with various topics, including some games.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - simple site with pictures for each of the seven.

Maps of Ancient Greece - interesting site with maps, satellite images and reconstructions of ancient monuments.

19th Century Photographs of Greece - site with a large collection of Victorian images of Greece, before reconstruction work and pre-tourism.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece - site which compares life in the city states.

Hercules - the story of Greece's greatest hero from the Perseus Project.



360 degree views of various locations in Athens (including the Parthenon). Not a live webcam. Use your left and right arrow keys.

View of the Santorinini caldera and volcano. Live webcam.



A Week in Greece - short video clip with general images of Greece including the Parthenon. Needs RealPlayer or Quicktime.

Spartan Warriors - short clip about Sparta and its devotion to warfare. Requires RealPlayer.


Virtual Tours:

Images of Athens - large selection of still photographs of various monumnets in Athens.

Winged Sandals - tour the world of the Greek gods with this site from ABC. Includes games and things to make and do. Requires Flash.

The Trojan War - illustrated by the British Museum.

The Olympics - from the British Museum.



Ancient Greece - activity designed exclusively for the Warriner Partnership. Click 'Run' to launch.

Ancient Greece colouring pages - choose your image, print it out and colour it in!

Online Activities - play a game, do a jigsaw, try a quiz. Lots of activities all based around Ancient Greece.



Warriner primaries Ancient Greek Clipart


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