Forces In Action - Science KS2 Unit 6E

Forces in Action - interactive science clip from the BBC.

Investigation planning sheet on spinners - created by Mrs Cronin, Bishop Carpenter (Word document).

Simplified Aircraft Motion - simple diagram from NASA which explains the forces acting on aircraft.

Newton's First Law of Motion - simple site which explains the first law, with diagrams.

Forces & Motion - online lesson from DigitalBrain, covering gravity, magnetism and more.

Forces in Action - online activity from Channel 4, including worksheets and a quiz.

The Gravity Story - lovely site all about gravity, including its history.

Your Weight on Other Worlds - excellent site where you enter your weight and find out what it would be (less, hopefully) on other planets and moons. Includes an explanation of the variation.

Air Resistance - printable activity about drag and air resistance.

Parkworld Plot - online game which teaches you about forces as you look at rides in an amusement park. Click on the Parkworld Plot link to begin.

Friction - excellent site with short video clips showing different kinds of friction (click the play button to begin each film).

Gravity - as above but with clips showing gravity.

Acceleration - movie clip showing the acceleration of a rocket.

Speed - movie clip showing different speeds in sport.

Forces - series of short clips showing different forces in action.

Newton in Action - site which examines the 3 Laws of mtion plus Centripetal Force.

Projectile Motion - java applet which allows you to fire a projectile after altering velocity, angle and mass.

Gravity in Drag - site which explains how forces act on a skydiver.

Friction Explorer - online activity exploring friction.

Galileo & The Tower of Pisa - recreate Galileo's famous experiment online.

Forces At Work - online lesson and interactive activity from the Cymru NGfL.

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