Forces & Movement - KS1 Science Unit 2E

Forces & Movement - Science Clip activity from the BBC.

Winding Up - Flash-based activity which explains simple winding machines.

Diggers & Cranes - activity which allows children to see how machines work.

Build A Roller Coaster - design your own roller coaster then see how far the ball will roll in it. Click on Roller Coasters to begin.

Balancing Frogs - investigate how levers work with these frogs on a seesaw.

Balance & Motion - click on the Movies link on the left to see short videos of spinning tops, swinging toys and more.

Beaufort Wind Scale - animation of the different levels.

Weather Teddy - animated site looks at the force of the wind.

Forces & Motion - an online lesson plan which the class can work through step by step.

Identifying Forces - this activity allows children to identify what kind of force is needed for each situation.

Simple Machines - Flash-based explantion of how simple machines work.

Canal Lock - guide the boat through the lock in this interactive activity.

Machines - excellent site from Learning On The Move - covers lifting, stopping and griping and mechanisms. Lots of activities and information.

Pushes & Pulls - sort them out in this interactive activity.

Forces Quiz - test your knowledge of forces with this online quiz.

What Makes It Move? - drag the objects to reveal what powers them.

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