The Great Fire of London KS1 Unit 5

The Great Fire of London - nice, simple Flash presentation of the key facts about the fire, with pictures.

The Great Fire - Mainly text-based site with key facts plus an extract from Samuel Pepys' diary.

Before & After the Great Fire - lovely animation from the BBC. Explore two engravings of the London skyline, one before and one after the fire.

Channel 4 Fire - fantastic site where you can watch an animated map of how the fire spread, plus much more, Well worth a visit - also includes information about the plague.

The Great Fire of London - mainly text-based page with useful information, plus a map.

The Great Fire Newspaper - image of the original newspaper dating from 1666 with news of the fire.

Crossword - with clues based around the Great Fire of London

Fire Animations - a page of animated fire, to help inspire your artwork or poetry.


Great Fire of London Clipart


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