The Egyptians

Translate your name into hieroglyphics! - type in any word and press translate.

Explore a Mummy - at the British Museum website

Journey through the Underworld - choose the right spells to complete your journey through the underworld

British Museum Egypt site - fantastic site covering all aspects of ancient Egypt, with explorations and games.

Interactive timeline of Ancient Egypt

Explore the pyramids - interactive feature from National Geographic

At Tutankhamun's Tomb - an interactive version of the original National Geographic report

Eternal Egypt - fantastic site with virtual reconstructions of famous sites, live webcams of Karnak, 360 degreee views of historic locations and short animations of pyramid building and ancient Egyptian clothing. Click on Multimedia for all of the above, or explore the rest of the site for more brilliant information on Egypt.

BBC Ancient Eygpt site - fantastic and extensive site with interactive challenges and virtual tours.

Theban Mapping Project - explore each tomb and excavation in detail. Interactive site with huge amount of information.

Explore Khufu's Pyramids - crawl through the narrow passageways as you take a virtual tour of the pyramid.

Virtual Tours - take a tour of Giza, the temple at Dendera, Karnak and the Solar Boat Museum.

Egyptian Necklace Jigsaw - online jigsaw.


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