Using the internet to search large databases - ICT Unit 6D

Google - one of the simplest search engines on the net.

Google Advanced Search - allows children to refine their search, using exact phrases.

Google Image Search - search the net for pictures only, then view them in their original context and download by right-clicking.

WebQuests - A WebQuest is essentially a treasure hunt through the internet, during which children will learn about a particular topic from various websites by following a trail created by their teacher. This site not only allows you to choose from many existing webquests, from ancient egypt to earthquakes to healthy teeth, but also allows you to create and share your own webquest.

Search the CIA World Factbook - the most comprehensive collection of facts about the world on the net.

Westall's War - a site dedicated to an air raid which occurred on Saturday, May 3rd 1941, in which 105 people, 41 of them children, were killed when the local air raid shelter was hit. Includes a database of victims, an A-Z listings, and various search facilities. Ideal for combining with a WW2 topic.

Wikipedia - the internet's free encyclopedia. Search on any topic.

MSN Encarta - online encyclopedia, dictionary and atlas. Use the links bar at the top or just the general search field.

QUICK - The Quality Information Checklist. A very useful site aimed at helping children evaluate information they find online. Includes a teacher guide.

Lesson Plan - from the London Grid for Learning. Covers using Favourites, dowloading images, evaluating information and more.

NatureGrid - a lesson plan with activities based around the environment.

Welcome to the Web - a site designed to teach children all about searching the net, hyperlinks, safety, dowloading and more.

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