Electrical Circuits - Science KS2 Units 4F & 5G/6G

Electricity - Revisewise - KS2 Electricity activity, fact sheet and test from the BBC.

Circuit Builder - help Annie build a circuit. Online activity from the BBC.

Electricity Facts - from the BBC.

Lemon Battery - how to make electricity from a lemon, from the BBC.

The Blobz Guide to Electrical Circuits - Flash-based site, with activities and facts.

Louie's Space - site about electricity, including electrical safety.

Circuit Symbols - a page of electrical symbols, ideal for printing.

Will These Circuits Work? - printable circuit worksheet.

Changing Circuits - online Scince Clip activity from the BBC.

Circuits & Conductors - online activity from the BBC.

About Electricity - lovely site from British Energy which covers the discovery of electricity, its uses and much more.

Circuits and Conductors - activity, quiz and worksheet from Channel 4. Aimed at unit 4F.

Changing Circuits - as above from Channel 4 but for unit 5G.

Circuit Builder - online activity to build a simple circuit.

Experiments - a number of electrical experiments demonstrated online.

Electricity Topics - from printable worksheets to online facts and diagrams.

Circuits - check which circuits are wired up correctly.

Conductors & Insulators - activity to test which are conductors and which are insulators.

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Electrical Conductors - online activity which covers conductors.