Map of Australia - simple map which you can click for info on each region.

Maps of Australia - site which has a whole list of maps, from a simple outline to mineral deposits.

Satellite Map of Australia - zoom in and see satellite details of any area of Australia

The BBC's Australia page - facts, figures and even a chance to listen to the Australian National Anthem.

Live webcams and virtual panoramas of Western Australia

Live views of Melbourne

New South Wales webcams - Views of Jamison Valley and Three Sisters, with Sceniscender Cable Car

Virtual Tour of Aboriginal Australia - The Dreamtime, nomadic lifestyle, boomerangs and more...

Panoramic Views of Australia - covers Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and the Outback

Aussie Cities Tour

Aussie Wildlife Tour

Aussie Historical Heritage Tour

Aussie Natural Scenic Wonders Tour

Online Aboriginal Art Gallery

CIA World Factbook - Australia - all the facts and staistics you could ever want, from the CIA.

Aboriginal Art - the meaning of some commonly used symbols

Australia Timeline - a brief timeline of key events in Australia's history.

Sydney Opera House - virtual tour

Convict Creations - history site which has extensive convict resources.

Freemantle Prison - website which explores convict history plus virtual tours.

Bush Tucker Plants - if you're ever stranded in the outback...

Captain Cook website

Australia Quiz - from Enchanted Learning

"Spirit, Colour, Contrast" - short promotional video of Australia (choose Broadband option)

Australian Cipart


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