Make your own music. Read the instructions at the bottom before using.


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Press Make and then Play to hear the demo tune.

You can load other Demo Tunes by clicking on Load and choosing one from the list that appears at the top. Press Make and Play again to hear the new tune.


Press Clear to erase all the notes and then choose the time signature 3/4 or 4/4. The music machine can count 3 beats to a bar or 4 beats to a bar.

To add a note choose a colour from the list - the different colours have different sounds.

Move the mouse over the music stave (lines) and press 1 2 3 or 4 to make a note appear at the mouse location. The numbers represent different lengths of note:

1 = a quaver (half a beat)

2 = a crotchet (one beat)

3 = a dotted crotchet (one and a half beats)

4 = a semibreve (two beats)

You can move the new note by using the mouse.

To make a chord, choose another colour (the computer can only play one colour at a time) and put the new note above or below the other notes to create a chord.

Use the scroll bars to move along the music stave or change the speed.

To hear your wonderful creation click on Make and Play


To make a new sound you need to click on a colour and simply draw the new waveform in the box on the left. Smooth waves sound soft and clear, spiky waves sound rough and fuzzy.

To change the volume pattern of the sound you can draw a new "envelope" in the box on the right.

To test you new sound click on Make and Play again to hear the changes.

Java Applet - Karl Hörnell