Guided Reading

NB. many of these sites will require the Flash Player. If after going to the site you find it will not work, download the Flash player from here.

Magic Keys - online interactive stories, 15 for younger children and 9 for older children. Also includes puzzles and colouring books. Perfect resources for whiteboards. Children can choose how the stories progress.
BBC Little Animals Activity Centre - Story Bear
This site offers three stories for children aged between 4 and 8. You can hear each story read aloud and then switch the sound off and read again.

Whootie Owl's Stories
A large collection of plain text stories for a range of ages. Advanced search function means you can select a story by age, by type or even by country. Some of the stories allow children to say what they thought about the story or even to illustrate it. US site.

Stories from the Web
Has an 8-11 site where children can choose stories to read online, either by type (funny, scary, historical etc) or by author. Some 'stories' are actually short extracts or one or two chapters of the book.

Sebastian Swan Big Books
Lovely site with eight stories (all with swans) suitable for KS1 children. Each 'book' contains small activities which make the story more interactive and interesting.


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