Japanese Resources

(NB. many Japanese websites are written in Japanese text which will not display properly on your PC. You will sometimes be asked if you wish to install a language pack - the installation will normally not complete, so you can just click Cancel to this - the site will display anyway).


Website Links

Kids Web Japan good site with details about geography, culture, even cookery.

Teaching (and learning) about Japan a simple list of everything about Japan, with a page on each.

Enchanted learning - Japan a nice site with information about art, haiku, a map of Japan you can label, a Japanese/English picture dictionary and more.

The CIA World Factbook - Japan everything statistic you could ever want to know about Japan.

GoJapan Photo Index - photos of temples, major cities, landmarks etc.

Phototravels Japan - some beautiful photographs of Japan in categories.

Japan Guide - site dedicated to Japan (mainly for tourists) with timeline (includes links)

Metropolitan Museum of Art History - Japan timeline with links

Explore Japan - simple site with beautiful images based around 'experience, explore, feel, see'.

Japan Panorama Page - many beautiful panoramic images of Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

Live Webcam of Mount Fuji - live webcam (you'll be asked to install a language pack, you can click no to this as the image will eventually display anyway).

Mount Iwate live webcam (as above for the language pack)

Halodate City live webcam (as above for the language pack). The view of the city is said to be one of the world's top three nighttime panoramas.

Tokyo live webcam - take control of the camera and zoom in and out, or choose one of the preset views of the city.

Radio Japan - listen to live radio in Japanese (in the left hand box click on one of the Real icons).

Japan TV - watch japanese TV by clicking on one of the images on the list (as the text won't display properly you won't know what the video clip is until you start watching).

Video Clip - Rice Paddy - watch how a rice paddy grows over time with this video clip.

Dragon Parade video clip (Chinese) - watch a traditional dragon parade with sound.


Count to Ten in Japanese

What are the words for the numbers 1-10 and 0?
1= ichi 6 =roku 0 =zero(special pronunciation)
2 =ni 7 =nana
3 =san 8 =hachi
4 =yon 9 =ku
5 =go 10 =ju


Interactive Activities

Where is Japan? (Flash)

Japan's Cities (Flash)

Interactive Map of Japan - includes history

Online Jigsaw of Japan street scene

Online colouring activity (colour a Hokusai painting of Mount Fuji)

Oriental Clipart


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