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Whiteboard Activities

There are many free curriculum activities available for use with a whiteboard on the internet. Many of these have been produced by and for other primary schools. Interactive on-line activities and games are ideal for use with a whiteboard, as children can take it in turns to have a go, while the whole class can see what's going on.

Woodlands Junior School, Kent
This amazing site has interactive resources for every curriculum subject. Their own free interactive on-line Maths resources include number bonds, times tables, mental arithmetic and even games. They also have links to other on-line resources.

Woodland Grange Primary School
Another primary school site with loads of activities ideal for whiteboards. Their Maths section alone includes large screen calculators, number squares, weights and measures activities, interactive bar charts and much more - like the Counting Machine, to the right. Their e-learning pages support all curriculum subjects, including PE and Music.

Oxfordshire LEA ICT Team
A site full of great resources aimed at whiteboards in general, and SMART boards in particular. Indexed by year plus some more general resources.

Ambleside Primary School
Another fantastic school web site, this includes Numeracy and Literacy Hour programs, many of which have been made by the pupils themselves. Their ClickON site has many more interactive Flash-based activities supporting Maths, Literacy, Science, Art, Geography and Music.

Free resources for Numeracy, collected from around the web. Click on KS1/2 for Primary resources.



Counting Machine from Woodland Grange